Hannah Tesch Memorial Scholarship

Hanhah Tesch

Hannah was a person full of love and life. She started strong, walking at 7 months old. It was much easier to catch the cat if she was up and walking/running. She could also keep up with her sister better. She loved animals and from the time she in preschool she was going to be a zoo veterinarian. Hannah had a horse that she was training to be a jumper. He was a thoroughbred race horse. He had an attitude and Hannah worked hard with him. Hannah was an artist with awards from regional art shows including one from the county fair through St. Mary’s School. She was a writer and received high praise from her teachers. Hannah was a musician. She took piano lessons and had music in her soul, but she hated the piano. So she switched to the drums and loved it. She was always an A student and was a member of the National Honor Society as well as a member of her high school student council. She was a speed reader. Mom remembers reading a new Harry Potter book silently with her. When Mom reached the 2nd page and got about 1/3 into it, Hannah had already became very irritated because she was ready to turn the page. Hannah continued reading ahead of her mom and finished the book the next day!

Hannah lived a special life that came and went in too short of a time. But we are reminded by her “Blessed are the Pure in Heart they shall see God.”

If you would like to make a donation to the Hannah Tesch Memorial Scholarship please send a check to SFdA School and write HTMS in the memo line.